How to resolve a certificate issue
Posted by on 05 August 2014 03:55 PM

Dear All here i write the steps of how to install a certificate on a local machine in future.

Step1-   First copy NUST SSL certificate from SSC or other medium in your drive.

Step2-   Click the start button.

Step3-   Type mmc and enter.

Step4-   A new console1 windows open then click on file and open Add/remove Snap-ins.

Step5-   A new window open and double click on certificate.

Step6-   A new certificate snap-in windows open then click on the computer account and click next the click on local computer and finish it.

Step7-   In Add/remove Snap-ins click ok.

Step8-   In console1 window click on certificate.

Step9-   Right click on Trusted root certification authorities and click on all task and after it click on import.

Step10- Then a new windows open and click on next and click on browse.

Step11- Then give the path where you copy the certificate of Nust and open it.

Step12- Then click on next and again next and then finish it.

Step13- Then a massage come "The import was successful"

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